Thursday, June 18, 2009

Structural Problems?

Well, we took the remaining junk out of the camper today (the other mattress, miscellaneous junktastic items that were left in there for storage and forgotten about) and started poking around. I came across another NEAT feature about the camper. The larger bed on the left side slides onto itself to create a bench and more leg room when needed. This totally rocks my face! My mom and dad and I really took a look at the paneling inside and determined that some of it will defintely need to be replaced. Not all of it though, which is a relief. The cabinets will be removed and replaced with a new cabinets (or recycled from Craigslist or Freecycle if I can find them!)

We ripped up a little piece of carpet at the entrance and discovered the plywood floor underneath has some bad/rotten spots. My handy dad says it will be a cinch to replace the floor, so we will most likely work on that this weekend. We decided to restore from the inside out. So the painting of the outside and sandblasting of the current horrid paint job will be one of the last things.

I am going to set a budget now and see how close I can stay to it : $550. Lets pray and cross fingers!

These are pictures of the afore mentioned items.





Nicole said...

I'm loving that frame in the second picture! definitely something to keep and paint an awesome color!

Also, blogging this is an excellent idea! SO adding you to my feed! (I'm Olive_Juice on craftster, btw)

Urbanalbino said...

Thanks for the love Nicole!