Thursday, June 18, 2009

In The Beginning...

What a classic title. It means so many things .. the beginning of this blog, the beginning of the restoration of my camper for my Craftster friends, and most likely the beginning of a long, arduous, expensive project that I know will turn out amazingly in the end!

I am starting this blog in which to keep my friends informed of the progress of our 1960's Camper Trailer Restoration Project. I started the original conversation here and the thread grew so fast in popularity that someone suggested it's own blog. Great idea! So here we are now.

What It Is: Camper trailer branded Play-Mor, made in 1962.
Where It Came From: Parents bought it from our neighbors in Florida for the specific purpose of moving from our house in FL to our now house in TN. Has effectively been a yard decoration for the past 12+ years. Parents gave it to husband and I because its too-cool-for-school!
What We Plan To Do With It: It doesn't look like much now, but in the end, we plan to have it very nicely painted in a nice color scheme, new innards, new tires and electrical, new seating inside, and just plain awesome-sauce! Our goal is to use it for actual camping! :D I know its going to be expensive, but will be totally worth it! :D

Please join us for the ride. I will really appreciate all of those we keep track of the project and supporting our effort! IF YOU EVER HAVE ANY SUGGESTIONS, ALWAYS FEEL FREE TO SUGGEST THEM IN A COMMENT! I always appreciate the input and consideration to respond!

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Anonymous said...

Hi there~ I wonder how this project is coming. It looks like such fun! You probably are finished and just haven't updated your blog, but if you are still looking for ideas, I think something along the line of the "Crafty Chica" look would be fabulous -- if you don't know, the artist Kathy Cano Murillo is the "Crafty Chic" -- it would involve a lot of glittery, Latino-based color schemes and icons... fun!